The Pierre de Coubertin Prize, in its fourth edition this year, has been created in 2008 to facilitate the publishing and dissemination of doctoral dissertations, theses or equivalent research work which contributes significantly to the creation and to the spread of knowledge about the ideals of Olympism.
1. The following groups are eligible for the award:

2. The competition will be open for master’s theses (or equivalent) and doctoral dissertations. There will be an award for each of the two categories.  

3. Studies in the following fields will be taken into consideration:

The original works can be from different disciplines, more especially the humanities or social sciences (History, Philosophy, Arts, Anthropology, Sports Education, Physical Education, Economy, Political Sciences etc.)

4. The award committee will be composed by members of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (in general scholars) from all five continents. In order to take its decision, the committee may consult the supervisors or take into consideration the evaluation report of the dissertation/theses and ask independent experts for their opinion.

Professors and experts who have been members of the jury of a submitted dissertation/theses or equivalent research work will not be allowed to be members of the Pierre de Coubertin award committee.
5. The document should be submitted in English or French. If the document is written in another language, a resume of at least five pages in French or English have to be added and two detailed reports from two experts (one chosen by the CIPC) will be requested.  

6. The dead line of the presentation of the work to the committee, in form of an electronic file, will be the 31st of May 2017. The defense of the work at university should have taken place within the three years preceding the award deadline.

7. Electronic files of the work (if possible in PDF) should be addressed to the office of the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee ( and to the responsible member of the award Otto Schantz (

8. The amount of the award will be 1500 € for the category “theses” and 3000 € for the category “doctoral dissertations”.
9. The Pierre de Coubertin Prize will be presented every two years. It will be up to the jury to award or not this prize which will depend on the quality of the work presented. There will be no second prizes, but the jury may decide to divide the first prize if the qualities of the works are of sufficient standard. The prizes will be awarded at a special function and forum organized by the CIPC.  

Submission deadline: 31st of May 2017