2017 | Website for the 11th Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum

The website for the 11th Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum is online.

Here you can find it.

2017 | 11th Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum in Ülenurme, Estonia

The 11th Pierre de Coubertin Youth Forum will be held in August in Ülenurme, Estonia, with the participation of 23 PdC Schools from 23 countries representing all the continents. For the first time, there will be a PdC School from India, from the district of Ranchi. Kenya, South Africa and Mauritius will be representing Africa.

2017 | India’s new national PdC association

Ms Elvira Ramini, our Deputy Secretary General, travelled to Ranchi in April 2017 on behalf of the CIPC Bureau to visit India’s new national PdC association. She met with the representatives of a number of candidates for the International Network of Coubertin Schools.

2017 | PdC schools took part in the Olympic Education Seminar

Six teachers from six PdC schools took part in the Olympic Education Seminar organised by the International Olympic Academy in Olympia in May 2017, at the invitation of the IOA. The presidents of the PdC Committees of Brazil (Professor Nelson Todt) and Argentina (Professor Daniel de la Cueva) took also part. Professor Todt did present the results of a survey carried out among spectators at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and Professor de la Cueva did present the educational activities planned for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

2017 | Unique stamp album published

A unique stamp album has just been published consisting of 256 pages of envelopes featuring stamps produced between 1880 and 1937 accompanied by a text that intelligently describes stages in the life and work of Pierre de Coubertin. It was first published in 2004 by its authors, German collectors in their native language and has now been translated into English on the initiative of and with financial support from the CIPC. (Editions ALPHEIOS) "Pierre de Coubertin und die Olympia-Philatelie", (Pierre de Coubertin and Olympic Philately), by Fritz RÜDIGER and Kluge VOLKER, is an outstanding piece of work not only for its layout and its format (0,27 x 0,24) but also for its concept and iconography. Jean
Durry, the Vice-President of the CIPC, has written an impressive preface for this English

2017 | Pierre de Coubertin Prize

The deadline for submissions (in the doctoral dissertation and master’s thesis categories)
for the Pierre de Coubertin Prize on issues related to the work and ideals of PdC has been
extended until 1 September 2017. The chairman of the jury, Professor Otto Schantz
(schantz@universitä can provide information. Details